Prostate Cancer Precision Medicine Center of Excellence

The Precision Medicine Center of Excellence for Prostate Cancer is dedicated to providing meticulous diagnosis and care management targeted precisely to your cancer. We know that every patient is unique. That’s why we have opened a center to take an individualized approach to prevention, diagnosis and treatment. We use innovative technology and analysis to minimize the side effects of managing your prostate cancer and increase the likelihood of a successful recovery.


OuR clinics

We use precision medicine approaches to avoid over treating or under treating your disease, with the goal of improving patient outcomes at Johns Hopkins and worldwide.

Precision Diagnosis

We are using new blood, urine, and imaging tests like MRI to better define where cancer is hiding: this can allow a reduction in unnecessary biopsies and more image guided sampling when such tests are needed. 


precision management

Molecular profiling of cancer cells and PET/CT imaging with prostate-specific membrane antigen help match an individual’s cancer with the best, evidence-based treatments.