This group of hunters is dedicated to a special style and although it is not the only way to hunt, it is the way that they hunt. Hunting is very important for the tribe but it is not the only thing that is important.

1.   The long rifle is serious in the hunt but still has fun and does not take himself too seriously.

2.  Only hunt where the big game exists and avoid shooting insects or trees. 

3.  Always hunt with a small band or as a single hunter. Avoid the use of machine guns and if howitzers move in, move to other hunting areas. The best fame is found where few hunters travel.

4.  Stalking is important but careful steady aim with dry powder brings down the game. Skinning the game, transporting it out of the woods to the kitchen and preparing the meal is the most difficult part. Leaving any game uneaten or dead in the woods is a great waste of resources and is comparable to a still birth.

5.   Although knowing where to hunt is extremely important, always give first credit to those who actually shoot the game.

6.  If you hear other hunters in the area, it is sometimes informative to watch them hunt and to see what they are hunting but do not try to shoot the game they are stalking. Group hunts are sometimes important but rarely satisfying.

7.   To hunt, you must have support such as ammunition and powder and they do not come from the woods. Make sure you convince someone of the importance of what you are hunting.

8.  Each hunter must operate from a fort and the fort should be as pleasant as possible and a good place to reside. People live there and they each have their own aspirations and needs and you must take care of them.

9.  There is more to hunting than just shooting the game. Each part takes careful planning and execution.

10.   Always learn new ways to hunt and never hunt too long in the same spot. Always stay on the trail of new game and try to out-think other hunters.

11. Respect other forts and hunters but do not hold them in awe and avoid skirmishes at all times. When visiting their fort, share with them the tales of the hunt but do not try to convince them that you are the greatest hunter in the woods, regardless of how you feel on that matter.

12. The camaraderie between hunters is a great bond and it is maintained by mutual respect and destroyed by greed.

13. A hunter must always stop to take note of a beautiful brook or a mountain view even if they are occasionally ignored during the hunt.

14. Every hunter will be caught in a storm, but it will pass, and you must keep your powder dry.

15. Every hunter will get old and lose their sight and they must transfer their hunting skills to clear young sights. Give the young hunter room to develop and let them hunt what they please.

16. Sharing the hunt is as important as the hunt. Gather together each year around the campfire to exchange stories and techniques.

17. Pass on the great traditions and discard the worn and useless hunting techniques. Remember, the woods will change but the hunt goes on.

Good hunting!

— D.S. Coffey