Hopkins inHealth: Individualizing Healthcare


Hopkins inHealth is a University-wide, collaborative venture to:

Discover new ways of more precisely defining, measuring, and communicating each person’s unique health state and the trajectory along which it is changing;

Develop these discoveries into new methods that can be used in clinical practice, so as to better inform patients and their clinicians – resulting in better decisions regarding medical care, and enhancement of health; and,

Apply new knowledge gained from the delivery of individualized care to produce better health outcomes at more affordable costs for whole populations.

In individualized health care, the continuous aggregation of data from individual patients builds large datasets that, in turn, create a foundation for health care decisions to benefit both the individual and the population.  The paradigm is a dialectical one:  the health experiences and outcomes of individuals inform population health interventions, such as health promotion and disease prevention programs; in turn, health data from populations inform the care of each individual.

Hopkins inHealth is a unique partnership, conjoining the biomedical science, data science, and engineering strengths of Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins Health System, and the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL).  By design, it weaves individualized health care research and activities directly into the fabric of these three Hopkins organizations and their departments, centers and institutes.

Hopkins InHealth is much more than "precision medicine" -